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The Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

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Many customers of Afternoon Tea by Tony have asked us the question, what’s the difference between high tea and afternoon tea, and what are we offering?

As discussed in our history of afternoon tea blog post, afternoon tea was popularised during the 19th century when the evening meal had started to shift later into the day in wealthier houses. Finding the long period between lunch and dinner leaving people feeling peckish, afternoon tea helped fill that gap. As times have changed afternoon tea is now considered more of a treat than a daily snack and consists of scones, sandwiches, cakes and teas.

High tea derived from the working classes who ran to a different schedule. Returning home after a days’ work the working classes main evening meal took the name of high tea. The meal usually involved bread, vegetables, cheese, pies, crackers and occasionally meat, accompanied by a mug of tea. The addition of the word ‘high’ is believed to be due to afternoon tea being served in comfortable parlour chairs, while the worker’s high tea was served at the kitchen table, seated on chairs with higher backs.

The term high tea is still used today by hotels hoping to attract tourists who know the British tradition as high tea instead of afternoon tea. At Afternoon Tea by Tony you can probably guess, as it’s in our name, we’re offering afternoon tea. However, it doesn’t matter to us what you want to call it - afternoon tea, high tea, cream tea, whatever the name, at Afternoon Tea by Tony you’re guaranteed to get freshly baked scones, decadent cakes and tasty sandwiches all served with your favourite type of tea. Take a look at our gallery to get your mouth watering.

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