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Jam or Cream First? – The Great Scone Debate

I’ve heard it at many Afternoon Tea by Tony parties we’ve thrown, discussed it with my in-laws and questioned a waitress in Devon. What’s the right way to top a scone – cream and then jam, or jam and then cream?

Afternoon tea was brought to England in the 16th Century, but there’s been a quiet rivalry that’s happened ever since surrounding what order the traditional toppings go in. If you’re from Devon, typically you would spread the clotted cream first and then follow with the Jam. If you’re from Cornwall, the tradition would be to spread jam first and then follow with the cream. But what about you? If you’re having afternoon tea in your home in Hertfordshire, what would you do?

Growing up on the border of Devon I firmly stand by clotted cream followed by jam. I find it much easier to spread the jam on top of the cream. But the reality is, I’ll put whichever topping is closest to me on top first. If I’m having afternoon tea at home, the smell of freshly baked scones takes over and I just want to eat them.

Thankfully, the Queen settled this ongoing debate last year. According to a former chef that worked for the royal family, the Queen prefers jam first at Buckingham Palace garden parties.

At Afternoon Tea by Tony, we can follow what the royals do, or what you prefer to do for your catered event. But I don’t think you’ll care either way, as our freshly baked scones are light and fluffy, golden on top with a subtle buttery sweetness. Perfect for heavy lashings of cream and then jam… Or is it jam and then cream… Either way, take a look at our packages and gallery to get your mouth watering. Afternoon tea at home has never been so tempting!

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